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Hello everyone! There will be a new page soon so stay tuned :)

I'm writing to let you guys know that somewhere in the near future we might move the comic elsewhere. We have had enough technical difficulties with this website that it is inconvenient for you and for us. Plus, our web-guy is busy training to become a police officer and cannot be bothered about these sort of things anymore. We are not in a hurry to go anywhere just yet, but I wanted to give everyone a heads-up is all.

If for some reason the website goes down again, you can always check our Tumblrs for updates or even email us if you got questions. We apologize for anyone who has emailed us before and we didn't respond in time. We just have been so busy with work and we forget to check our GallowsHumor email account. The best way to get a hold of us is through Tumblr, but we promise to check our yahoo email more often.

Thank you, and I hope everyone has a wonderful Winter (or Spring if you're from Chile). Be careful not to be bad or else you will get a visit from the Krampus!

GH Tumblr gallowshumorrandom.tumblr
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